New Poem: A Basement Poet

I was preparing the next writing prompt for the Young Poets Portal and the photo in the YouTube video caught my attention. It got me thinking about how many poets are unknown, maybe by choice or by circumstance…or because they haven’t made a Facebook page (I’m stubborn, ok?).

So I put on The Black Keys (who are NOT unknown by any means) and let that carry my thoughts. I wonder how many writers, whether poets or novelists or essayists, feel like I do. I’m not looking for fame and fortune, but I’m kind of shy about my writing at times and feel better keeping it to myself. I suppose it seems a bit contradictory considering that I’ve published three books. I want to sell my books, but I don’t want to make a big deal about it. So I continually struggle between publicizing my brains out or hiding in the basement, keeping it quiet.

*Tuesday, February 5th note: This is so crazy! I posted this two days ago and now I see it fits in almost perfectly with the dVerse Poets Open Link Night prompt for today! So this is my contribution, fellow Open Linkers:

A Basement Poet

I’m a poet
-Yeah, but-
No one knows it

A closet poet
Hiding this addiction
From critical eyes

Like a band that plays
In the basement
Recording with washer and dryer for an audience

Apart from them only the earthworms
Feel these vibrations
But they don’t say a word

I’m the basement band
That has the groove
That no one gets

I’m the basement band
That sings and rocks
I’ve even got the rhythm

I’m the underground poet
Hidden from judgmental faces
And scornful lips

I play a melody
That represents the majority
But the majority doesn’t want to admit it

So I stay down here
A basement poet
With only washer and dryer and some worms as my audience

Copyright © 2013 AKA

Photo from The Black Keys Fan Lounge Website


15 thoughts on “New Poem: A Basement Poet

  1. A basement poet…I like that.
    I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re in the basement or on the big stage as long as you love what you’re doing…and it makes you happy :-)

  2. Thanks. It’s nice to be understood and appreciated. I imagine that’s what it is really about, in the end.

  3. ha have been in a basement band…and there is nothing like when one does hear and appreciates….perhaps the worms are not so bad…but i imagine a wider audience would appreciate you as well…smiles…

  4. Underground poet…the worms are a good audience :) I would like to believe that we write poetry for ourselves …and later to share with the world. :)

  5. smiles…maybe the worms are not such a bad audience after all… i think there are times when we’re ok with grabbing the mic and shout our poetry into the world and others when we just need the quiet security of a cave.. i’m ok with both…smiles

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