An Old Poem: “A Thank You to My Heavenly Father” for Open Link Night on dVerse Poets

An Old Poem: “A Thank You to My Heavenly Father” for Open Link Night on dVerse Poets


On dVerse Poets Victoria is talking about List Poetry.

It made me think of a piece I wrote several years ago that I published in my book Out of Reach.
Here ’tis:

A Thank You to My Heavenly Father

You’ve given me the sun
That banishes the obscurity of a frightening world
You’ve given me the stars
Which remind me that my name is important to you

You’ve given me the winds
Which stir up my excitement
You’ve given me the clouds
That let my imagination run wild

You’ve given me my beloved waters – lakes, streams, oceans
Which fill me with inspiration, sanity and build my fortitude
You’ve given me the color blue
That makes everything seem okay and hushes my fears

You’ve given me a plethora of foods
Which thrill my tongue with flavor
You’ve given me other souls to commune with
Those who are so precious and unique
Like each flake of snow
Every bird’s feather

All the colors of the spectrum
Each filling me with love un-bounding
In styles so diverse and calming

You’ve given me a clear hope
So I can hang on
When I’m dragged through the darkened sludge
Of a darkening world

You’ve given me a comfortable life preserver
That steadies my course
And carries me safely through every storm
You’ve given me solace
Even when clamped by the jaws of grief
You’ve given me joy despite constant robberies
Knowing that you will restore it all at the perfect time

Though I have very little to offer
From these poor imperfect hands
I’ll give you all I can
For as long as I can give it
I give you my life
Because within it
I carry a love that transcends my innermost being
The part of me that is so deeply inspired
I can only call it “my soul”

To read an excerpt of Out of Reach, click here.

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