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The Metro Series

Madrid Metro

Madrid Metro – The first novella in a series

“Jess had been intensely occupied with wiping Olivia’s face. He couldn’t tell if she was breathing or not and was too afraid to check for a pulse. The idea of losing her when he had only just found her was beyond consideration. Resting his forehead against hers, he began speaking softly to her, ‘Please don’t leave me. Please hang on. There’s so much to tell you.'”

A powerful derailment on the Madrid Metro throws the lives of three people together and changes them forever as they are forced to see life from a different perspective: Olivia Polansky the American poet, Jess Wilkinson the Londoner on holiday and Maritza Caballero de Lezcano a Panamanian widow on a mission to rectify the wrongdoing of another. Madrid Metro is a story of hope, faith, endurance and love despite injustice, tragedy and disappointment.

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Free Verse Poetry


Taking some of the most common human experiences and putting them clearly into words, Abigail Kloss-Aycardi takes you on multi-emotion journeys through trials of lost friendship, frustrations and triumphs in love, overcoming personal struggles, affectionate memories of family and the difficulties of artistic endeavors in her book:

Out of Reach – A Poet in Permafrost

Out of Reach - A Poet in Permafrost

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