Book Party!

“There’s No Money in Selling Books” – A Challenge

I wrote a book. More accurately, I’ve written four books. I was fortunate to have the first two published by a small publishing house ten years ago. Since then, I published the next two on my own. I’m not sure how I did this without losing all my hair. It was not an easy process. The actual writing was easy. The publishing part was rough.[…]

A Free Verse

An Author’s Post-Publication Jitters

The Symptoms I wonder if all first-time novelists feel this way. The first books go out, they’re received, they’re read. I wait. I wait. I try not to twiddle my thumbs anxiously. I check and double check my Goodreads page to see if my readers have finished reading. I check again until finally my feed says that one of them has reviewed it. I hold[…]

Madrid Metro by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

Releasing My First Novella: “Madrid Metro”

“Metro Madrid” – the first in a series “Ever wonder what an accident might do to change your entire future? What if you didn’t even know what your past was, due to amnesia from the accident? This was the dilemma facing Olivia Polansky, a successful poet whose trip on the Madrid Metro would bring her to accept an outcome she may have only foreseen in her[…]

Why I Love Billy Collins: I Hate Barking Dogs

It’s simple. The neighbors’ dog will not shut up. The neighbors’ dog NEVER shuts up when I need to work. The neighbors’ dog insists on making racket the moment I start to write or when I need to sleep. The neighbors’ dog is desperately trying to destroy my calm when I have to do the accounting. Worst of all: The neighbors’ dog is tied up[…]