A Free Verse is Now is on Pinterest!

  Hey Followers, Just a quick note to let you know that I’m now on Pinterest. You can check out some of the places I would love to write, music I like writing to, my favorite writing tip websites, photos that would make great writing prompts, and the list will go on. Click here to check out my boards. Google+

New Post: The Peevish Poet Soliloquy

I was listening to a lecture on creativity by John Cleese that is posted on Twitter this morning. I found it very inspiring and I agreed with all of his points. I felt quite ready to get to writing some poetry….but I ran into some basic problems. This is not a poem, just the conversation I had with myself and the conclusion that I reached.[…]

First eBook To Be Released Soon

Abigail’s first ebook A Poet in Permafrost is to be released soon.  Final editing and cover art are currently being done and the first version will be released in PDF format. Check back to view finished cover art and download the first sample.