New Poem: This Extended Decay (Complete)

New Poem: This Extended Decay (Complete)

(Since I’ve been unable to write for a few weeks or even participate in Open Link Night with dVerse Poets Pub, I decided to link this one even though I posted it earlier. )

I’ve been working on this piece, on and off, for several months. I think that it will never fully convey exactly what I hoped it would, nor will it be in the exact form I would desire. The emotions are still veiled behind rhyme. My initial thoughts about time will have to wait to come through in another piece somewhere down the road.

For now, I’m happy that I was able to write for the first time after several weeks of stress, chaos and displacement.

This Extended Decay
{In memory of my grandmother and our relationship that were sent adrift by delicate circumstances, and shortly after, Alzheimer’s Disease.}

You used to live on land with us
Every single day
You lived here, you loved us here
Never kept at bay

I wrapped my tiny arms ’round you
Knowing you were mine
Here on land to stay with me
Until the sun’s decline

Came one day I had to run
With aching heart in breast
I had to run away from you
My heart and mind distressed

I numbed them both with might and will
Carried myself away
I grit my teeth ‘n’ made brave face
From you ‘I HAD to stray’

Ages passed, twelve they were
Your life was almost through
I ran back to you without a thought
‘Twould only be “adieu”‘


Your body shook as we looked on
Our hearts stood still as death
We waited for the end to come
Listened for your last breath

You used to live on land with us,
Until that very day
When you made your final journey
Began the drift away

I hoped the anchor of mem’ry
Would hold you in your place
Near the shore of our affections
Where we could see your face

We know you live somewhere out there
Without that anchor sure
It broke away with its frayed rope
Making us insecure

I don’t know when you will vanish
Just know that you’ll give way
Leaving me still without your love
Pondering this decay

Copyright © AKA 2013

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