“There’s No Money in Selling Books” – A Challenge

Book Party!

I wrote a book.

More accurately, I’ve written four books. I was fortunate to have the first two published by a small publishing house ten years ago. Since then, I published the next two on my own. I’m not sure how I did this without losing all my hair. It was not an easy process. The actual writing was easy. The publishing part was rough. I’ve had to learn so many things I didn’t know about by reading blog posts and books by others who have done it successfully.

There’s a small problem though. If you can survive the writing, revising, re-writing, editing and publishing into multiple formats, you think you’re brilliant. But here’s the hard part, for me at least: marketing. I hate it. I don’t have much money to spend on purchasing fancy ads to put in literary magazines, send out thousands of tweets or make a book trailer. Want to know why? This will blow your mind because it’s part of a cycle…

You have to have money. How do you get money? You have to sell books? …brace yourself… How do you sell books? By marketing them…with advertising…which usually costs something. See how this works?

So I was complaining (something I do very well) to a close friend. When I quit my complaining, this friend said, without any hesitation, “Well there’s no money in selling books.” If this person wasn’t a very good friend, I might have rearranged his face.

However, as mad as I was to listen to the comment, I knew that it’s true if book promotion is done wrong. With all this self-publishing going on, it’s hard to stand out in the growing crowd.

Yet I had learned something valuable from a shop keeper once. I asked if I could do a signing in her store and she proclaimed that any signing I did would have little or no success unless I advertised beforehand. I would need to get the local paper involved, have them do a write up about me, how I had come from the neighboring town and all that good stuff. I’d need plenty of time to set it up. I should consider doing a radio talk show. I should send mailers. My head spun. Did I mention that I hate marketing?

What am I going to do about it? Instead of just hoping to sell my books by online promotion, I’m doing something I don’t get to do often. Next month, I’m having a signing party with a fellow author John B. Campbell. I’m posting ads all over Facebook and I’m about to email everyone I know to let them know. Maybe we’ll see about having a write up put in the local paper to draw some attention ahead of time.

Why not help us out? Check out our books and give us a chance to prove my friend wrong. Let him know there IS money to made in selling books.


Madrid Metro by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

Out of Reach – A Poet in Permafrost by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

Deep Within Creative Minds by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

Love Is An Orchid by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

Walk to Paradise Garden by John B. Campbell

A Lark Ascending by John B. Campbell


Book Party!
Book Party – Saturday, August 22nd 2015 – 1:30pm-3:00pm – ZSpot Coffee – Sheboygan