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Love Is An Orchid

“After receiving the book at the Author’s first signing, I read it in one sitting – AMAZING! Miss Kloss has the ability to put into written words what the rest of us can only deeply feel and wish we could express.
Extremely touching thoughts and insights from one so young! I plan on re-reading a poem every day or so to contemplate the meaning of it.  If you’re not sure you like poetry – start with THIS book! I’m confident you will gain a deep appreciation for it.” – LuAnn M.


“It made me laugh; it made me cry; it touched me deeply. The author has a passion for life that is clearly portrayed in the words of her poems. She speaks of faith and fear, of the pain of loss and of artistic endeavor. She has the courage to speak of things that most of us try our hardest to bury deep within out heart. I thoroughly enjoyed being captivated by her words, and look forward to future publications.” – Chris R. 

Review of the piece: “Poetry on the Refrigerator”

“Poetry on the Refrigerator”… is the type of piece we enjoy reading and publishing: fresh, honest, straight-to-the-point and compelling, turning mixed feelings into strong words, managing to convey discomfort through a gentle narrative.  Bottom line: a great read.”

– Daniel Bennett – Editor of Young American Poets

(Click here to read “Poetry on the Refrigerator”)

From readers of: Deep Within Creative Minds

“I wish I had studied poetry in school. Though unlettered in this art form, I enjoyed my read of Deep Within Creative Minds by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi. I particularly favoured those that related to writing, such as the one entitled Editor. “The words of a thousand novices spilled from her tongue and dripped onto her waiting fingers. To be refined, filtered and cleansed, leaving them with the fresh scent of insight . . .” And then Assaulted, where this poet describes being assaulted by words. Nicely done. Fifty-one poems, fifty-one arrangements of words for reflection and understanding.” 

John B. Campbell, author of Walk to Paradise Garden


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