There’s a Place and a Time for Everything

This is a problem for me…

…because like every other person on this planet, I am not just one “thing”. I don’t have only one interest. I don’t do just one thing with my days. The reason this is a problem is that sometimes, I don’t have anything I can do with all the interests, ideas, and musings. Naturally, I have close friends and family I can share these things with but after a while, I start to feel like I can’t expect all of them to be as ecstatic as I am about every little thing that matters to me.

I’ve had a few blogs in the past that focused on just one topic per blog and that’s what it seemed blogs were supposed to be about – just one thing. Until recent years when “lifestyle blogs” came on the scene, I thought I would be forced to create a bunch of different blogs for every interest I have. Thank goodness that’s over. I’m sure I’ll cover some extra topics besides what’s on my shortlist of interests, but here is some of what I expect to write about:

  • Travel & Culture – often the weird things about living abroad
  • Plants (especially house plants like Orchids)
  • Language Acquisition – my experimentation and frustrations as an introverted language learner
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language and its challenges
  • My Writing: Novellas, Poetry, etc.