Releasing My First Novella: “Madrid Metro”

Releasing My First Novella: “Madrid Metro”

Madrid Metro by Abigail Kloss-Aycardi

“Metro Madrid” – the first in a series

“Ever wonder what an accident might do to change your entire future? What if you didn’t even know what your past was, due to amnesia from the accident? This was the dilemma facing Olivia Polansky, a successful poet whose trip on the Madrid Metro would bring her to accept an outcome she may have only foreseen in her poetic imagination prior to these consequences.”

Sometimes the Flu Serves a Purpose, You Know, to Write a Novel

Early one morning in January, I was lying in bed “dying” from a pretty bad flu virus when I started thinking…and thinking…and thinking. I realized that what I was thinking would make a really interesting story. Since I’ve always written poetry, since I was seven years old, this was a shock. I was thinking about all of my friends who had written novels or were in the process of doing so and felt like I was missing out on something. I thought, “I’ve done some traveling and have had some unusual experiences in my life, why don’t I have a story in me like everyone else?” I pushed those thoughts to the side and said, “I guess I’m doomed destined to write only poetry until I die.”

The Story Writing Process

Initially I imagined this little tale to be no more than a few thousand words, if that. I even posted a question on the Writers’ Discussion Group on Google+ about the actual word count for a “short story”. One lady told me that I shouldn’t focus on the word count because you never know where the story might go. I’m glad she said that. Once I neared 10,000 words I was giddy. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve ever had writing before and I have to say that I adore my characters. I also relish every second I’ve spent in Madrid, in my head. I was there in 2012 and had no idea that it would inspire me so much as to make it the setting for a story. I’m glad it has.

“Madrid Metro” Release Plans

The story will be released as a serial novel, meaning that I’ll publish one chapter at a time, I haven’t decided on the interval yet. I will release it as a PDF here on You can subscribe to the site by email to get the updates or you can follow me on Wattpad to read it there. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to the story. I’ve pinned photos of highlights of Spain, objects and other things mentioned in the story.

I hope you’ll join Olivia on her unexpected adventure. Feel free to leave your comments for me on Wattpad.

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